Barometer of the Technological sector in Catalonia 2015


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The Technological Sector Barometer 2015 in Catalunya is a qualitative and quantitative analysis of the situation in the information and communications technology sectors in Catalonia. In each issue, the barometer has been growing regarding the prospective analysis of industry trends and recommendations and the proposed roadmap for the Catalan technological actors.

The Barometer 2015 is based on over 800 surveys. In addition, one has interviewed 21 opinion leaders and three Focus Groups have been made. More than 20 experts and professionals have participated to discuss internationalization and competitiveness, trends and R + D + i, and digital transformation

Currently, the Barometer promoted by the Cercle Tecnològic de Catalunya arrives at the seventh edition and it is consolidated as an essential reference document in different areas of the Catalan ICT sector. Discover the latest data on the professional talent, the ability to internationalize and optimism in assessing the sector.


Resum de l’informe en catalàBaròmetre del sector tecnològic a Catalunya 2015

Resumen del informe en castellanoBarómetro del Sector Tecnológico en Cataluña 2015

Report summary in EnglishBarometer of the Technological Sector in Catalonia 2015


You can see the full study here

You can see the speech presentation of the results here

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