CTecno launches new corporate image


per Comunicació CTECNO / 7 abril, 2015 / Sense comentaris

Renew or die, especially in the digital world.

With the desire to give an example of modernity and, in line with the unstoppable process of digital transformation, CTecno launches a new corporate identity.

The image, which is in line with the renewed website that premiered six months ago, has a fresher, visual and contemporary look.

Visual concepts such as innovation, digitalization, optimism, technology, and professionalism have been instrumental in setting up a logo which was approved by CTecno’s Board of Trustees last March 30, and will be implemented progressively in all communications and materials during the coming weeks.

The logo emphasizes the letter “C” of the word “circle”, and aims to form the basis for an ever more powerful and innovative brand identity.

Additionally, as of today, the website will incorporate a language selector and will be available in Spanish and English in addition to Catalan.

Hope you like it!

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