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In the Council of Professionals we connect professionals from the ICT sector and other related sectors to technology with basic goals: to help our partners to develop themselves and expand its contact network, contribute to increase their knowledge of relevant actors to promote new lines of business and work together for a larger, sustainable and better technology ecosystem.

To get it, we are faithful to our Vision, we achieve our Mission and we follow our Values


  • Being a reference in the information and communications technology to industry professionals and lead the community of knowledge for current and future generation.


  • To offer its members the opportunities and ways necessary to develop and improve their IT career in local and global sphere


  • Innovation, Collaboration, Professionalism, Mainstreaming, Global Knowledge, sustainable growth, social agreement, integrity. Definitely, all the values that can help our partners to become better professionals and expand their ICT perspective

We base our work on four pillars that are in constant renewal:

  • Professional growth: we provide tools to improve your career
  • Community: we provide you regular opportunities to connect with other professionals or organizations and companies of interest
  • Knowledge: we make available contents and news of the IT world, as in exclusive information about associate members and supporters companies of Fundació CTecno
  • Exclusive support: we offer services to support your professional life

The Council of Professionals is organized by a new work team led by Joan Ramon Barrera

Would you like to receive customize information about the benefits that entail partnering with the Council of Professionals? Do not hesitate to contact to Joan Ramon Barrera (jrbarrera@ctecno.net) o Ana Ramírez (aramirez@ctecno.net)


Become member of the Council of Professionals HERE.