Foundation: Organizational chart

The Technological Circle of Catalonia private foundation unites companies in the Information and Communications Technology sector with the aim of promoting and facilitating business opportunities and growth of their business partners, in conjunction with other public and private organizations, the civil society, universities, education and research centers, and the public sector, locally and internationally.

Created in 2008, the CTecno Foundation promotes networking environments and partnership between business partners, between partner companies and external companies, and between companies and government partners, through the organization of various events (public and private), as well as exclusive meetings or the creation of workspaces or spaces for debate, the writing and publication of several studies on the sector and the national and international dissemination of its corporations.

Depending on the contribution made by companies, these differ in three categories:

  • Honorary partners
  • Protective Partners
  • Partners

The range of products and services (events, conferences, bilateral meetings, internationalization processes, lobying and networking actions ad hoc, access to the studies, etc.) to which the member companies have access varies based on these categories.

The Foundation is organized around a Presidency, currently exercised by Mr. Jordi W. Carnes, an Executive Direction, comprising on one hand the Executive Management and Operational Foundation (Secretary, Management, Treasury, Legal Service) and, on the other, the following councils: the Business Council (which gathers business partners), the Council of Professionals (which brings together members of the CTecno Association, currently chaired by Pere Florenza), the Scientific Council (which boosts Think Tank activity and the area of studies of the organization), and the New Initiatives Council.

To join CTecno, companies can become a partner HERE.