“Coordination between people, companies and organizations is necessary”, at the Accessibility and ICT Breakfast


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The last breakfast of the year of the breakfast-networking Cycle organized by CTecno in collaboration with Barcelona Activa took place on Friday, December 5th. On the occasion of the presentation, on November 12, of the results of the “Collection of technological solutions for everyone”, and titled “ICT in the employment of people with special needs”, the act was intended to highlight the possibilities that ICT offers to the labour inclusion of people with special needs, as well as showing the road ahead towars a total inclusion.

The Il·lma. Ms. Pilar Díaz, Responsible for social services issues, older people, people with disabilities, and accessibility of the Municipal Socialist Group of the City of Barcelona, has been responsible for moderating the conference, which has been introduced by Lourdes Sugrañes, COO of Territory Promotion and Commerce of Barcelona Activa.

Referring to the technological products that aim to help people with disabilities, Xavier Caballero, Director of ESCLATEC – the referent for the employment of people with severe disabilities – he stressed that they should not only be simple users of these services; they should be actively involved in their production.

From a point closer to people with special needs, Núria Sanz, director in Catalonia and the Balearic Islands of FSC-Inserta of the ONCE Foundation has indicated that for further improvement in this area it is necessary to put the emphasis on listening and responding to the various specific needs of people with disabilities.

On the other hand, the Director of the Vodafone Spain Foundation, Santiago Moreno, spoke of the experience of its foundation in various initiatives aimed at promoting the integration of vulnerable groups, highlighting the potential of ICT and the many advances made in this field in recent years.

Donald De Witte, Head of Collaborative Solutions at CISCO, spoke of the work done with their IT Essentials program, which helps those at risk of social exclusion to prepare and access opportunities for entry-level employment in the ICT sector. De Witte has also advocated expanding the focus of this aid to people with other problems, such as schizophrenia or ADHD.

The closing speech was given by the manager of IMD, Ramón Lamiel, who spoke of the objectives for the upcoming year, which expects “more and better contracts.” Finally, he has reviewed the various topics discussed throughout the act, where, in the words of the Il·lma. Ms. Pilar Díaz, it has become clear that to draw a proper roadmap “coordination between people, companies and organizations is necessary”.


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