Jornada Telspain “eLearning 2020: companies and universities”


per Comunicació CTECNO / 30 novembre, 2015 / Sense comentaris

Telspain, the professional network of e-learning in Spain, presents the third edition of the Telspain Congress. The event, entitled eLearning 2020: companies and universities” will be held at the Palau Macaya in Barcelona on Monday, December 14. Telspain presents a unique opportunity to learn, with the help of experts and recognized professionals what is happening in reference institutions e-learning worldwide, and analyze trends that will shape the future of this area.


The Telspain Conference on “eLearning 2020: companies and universities” will be organized around a plenary session and then three simultaneous workshops were held. Finally, a concluding session of the conference that the reflections and challenges for the future will be shared will be held. The conference will be held partly in Spanish and English.


The three workshops will address the following topics:

1. Big Data – Learning Analytics; coordinated by Julià Minguillón (UOC)

2. The future of eLearning platforms (in English); coordinated by Jeff Merriman (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)

3. Business-university synergy; coordinated by Miquel Puig (Consorci de Serveis Universitaris de Catalunya)


The concluding session will be moderated by Daniel Burgos (Universidad Internacional de La Rioja) and with the participation of the three coordinators of the workshops. Finally, there will be a concluding session by António Teixeira (Universidade Aberta, EDEN).

More information about the program here.

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