“Patients, physicians, and governments want the same thing: greater autonomy”, at the Smart Pharma Breakfast


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Today, Tuesday, April 21, the Cibernàrium Auditorium of the Barcelona Growth Centre hosted the Breakfast-networking “Smart Pharma: digitalization in the pharmaceutical world. Framed within the Cycle of Breakfasts-networking organized by CTecno in collaboration with Barcelona Activa, the act revolved around the role of the latest technological trends in consolidating the transformation of the pharmaceutical industry.

Ms. Bárbara Vallespín, Manager of the mHealth Competence Centre of the Mobile World Capital Barcelona and the one responsible for moderating the debate, introduced the conference by talking about the mission of the centre she represents, remembering that the traditional pharmaceutical industry has reached a turning point that requires the implementation of new services that offer added value.

In this regard, Mr. Roberto Martín, IT HealthCare Innovation Head of Bayer Spain, stressed in his speech the importance of mHealth in reducing the costs for both the public and the private sector. “Patients, physicians, and governments want the same thing: greater autonomy”, said Martin. He then referred to technology companies like Apple, that incorporates cardiographs to their devices, which shows that “if pharmaceutical companies don’t want to do it, others will”. According to Martin, “it is now time to offer not only drugs, but also services”.

Mr. Jordi Oliveras, Manager of Corporate Relations at Sanofi Spain, has continued giving concrete examples of  ICT services developed by Sanofi, including an application for diabetics that measures the in-blood glucose level with the help of an iPhone. This initiative could be key in a territory like Catalonia, where 43.6% of diabetic patients are not controlled.

In an invitation to reflection, Mr. Matthias Moritz, Corporate BT Director of Almirall, wanted to stress that we must not forget that we are all “digital immigrants”, and proposed a series of “commandments” that should be followed for a correct digitalization. Among these, Moritz highlighted the commitment to transparency as a key pillar for a closer relationship with the patient. “We must know the different platforms and listen to what the patients want if we want to implement them properly”, said Moritz, who recognizes that there is still a long way left to walk. “The same parents posting pictures of their babies on Facebook deny vital data to the pharmaceutical companies”, Moritz said.


Images of the event can be seen here.

Esmorzar-networking “Smart Farma: digitalització al món farmacèutic” from CTecno on Vimeo.

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