Study: “From Smart Cities to Smart Businesses” – November 2013


per Comunicació CTECNO / 18 novembre, 2013 / Sense comentaris

CTecno wants to know and communicate the positioning of ICT companies when facing the challenges of the Smart Cities concept and the business sector that is being created around it.
So far, this initiative has been in the field of public administration and must, and we must see what is the potential impact on business transformation, framework for action for businesses and citizens. We understand that businesses have identified this initiative as an emerging trend within the sector, and as a possible business opportunity, so they want to actively participate in the discussion of what the Smart Cities concept is and should be the to our cities. They are willing to express their opinion, have more information to make decisions, analyze potential investments, develop solutions and capabilities, and, ultimately, evaluate their importance for growth in the future.

You can download the study here:

Smart_Cities_CAT in Catalan

Smart Cities_ESP in Castilian

Smart_Cities_EN in English

Smart Cities Annex

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